Pet Portrait Commissions

  1. Please provide a minimum of 5-6 photographs of your pet, the more the better! The quality, resolution and details of the images really help determine how well the animal can be ultimately painted and stylistically recreated. I wish to capture your animal’s unique personality and nuances, to ultimately create an aesthetically pleasing portrait and composition. Please indicate any coloring or features information regarding actual eye color, coat color, marking, etc. Digital images can be emailed. If photographs are mailed, please list your name and pet's name on the back of each photograph (all photographs will be returned).
  2. Background preferences, overall concept and/or color choices may be discussed before the start of commission. I can create an expressionistically abstract or more representative background from additional photos of your preferred outdoor setting.
  3. 50% down payment is required at the start of all commissions. I can give you an estimate of timeframe to complete your portrait and images of works in progress can be emailed prior to completion for your review. When the commission is complete, the remaining half plus the total amount with shipping and insurance costs will be due prior to shipment via common carrier.
  4. Paintings are painted on a gallery wrap style canvas that can be professionally framed in the future, but contemporary works on canvas require no framing and are ready to hang with attached D-ring hangers. Mixed media works on paper are shipped unframed and are recommended to be archival mounted and framed for their long-term preservation.
  5. Pricing is subject to the scope of work, size of painting, and number of animals in each piece. General pricing estimates are listed below; additional larger sizes can also be commissioned. Please email for more specific pricing quote based on media, concept and size preferences.

Mixed media on paper, unframed (general pricing examples):
19 x 24” $600
22 x 30” $750
20 x 42” $900
40 x 42” $1200

Oil Paintings on canvas, 1.5” profile, unframed (general pricing examples):
16 x 16” $600
16 x 20” $700
20 x 20” $800
24 x 24” $900
24 x 30” $1000
30 x 30” $1100

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